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Mobile Aspirators - Gomco 3040,3041,4042,4043 Allied Healthcare Products

Mobile Aspirators - Gomco 3040,3041,4042,4043

MOBILE ASPIRATORS - Gomco stand-mounted units offer dependable, easy to regulate suction for hospital use. Stands include 3'' non-marking casters, handy cord storage, chemical resistant stainless steel top, compact stand design, new float shut-off assembly, graduated one-gallon polycarbonate plastic collection bottle or 2100 ml disposable canister, bacteria filter to help prevent fluid and aerosol contamination, and a hospital grade plug. Suction systems are equipped with an easy-to-read gauge, calibrated in both inches Hg and mm Hg, and a suction regulating valve. These models also include illuminated on/off switches. MODELS 3040/4042 - These units feature an insulated hidden motor and a durable stainless steel top. Model 3040 features a 1/8 horsepower diaphragm motor, and is UL listed and CSA certified. Model 4042 utilizes a 1/10 horsepower rotary compressor motor, and is UL listed.

  Catalog Number  Description  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  01-12-4042  Suction Pump,Aspirator Bottle -Polycarbonate  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $2,258.30  Buy Now!
  01-12-4043  Suction Pump,Aspirator Bottle - Disposable  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $2,258.30  Buy Now!
  01-22-3040  Suction Pump, Aspirator Bottle -Polycarbonate  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $1,463.85  Buy Now!
  01-22-3041  Suction Pump, Aspirator Bottle -Disposable  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $1,463.85  Buy Now!