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Liberty Oxygen Conserver & Mini Liberty Allied Medical LLC

Liberty Oxygen Conserver & Mini Liberty

LIBERTY™ & Mini LIBERTY™ Oxygen Conservers When selecting an oxygen conserver, it's important to have a choice that fits your lifestyle and budget. Now Allied, a name synonymous with innovative excellence, offers two great choices! Introducing LIBERTY™ and Mini LIBERTY™, two totally automatic and value-packed conservers. Living up to their fully automatic features, both the LIBERTY™ and Mini LIBERTY™ engage exactly and only when you start to breathe, and turn off when the cannula is removed from your face. The result is a conservation ratio of 5:1, which means your cylinder's oxygen supply will last up to five times longer. For extra peace of mind, a flashing green light on the display panel confirms with each pulse that oxygen is being delivered and the unit is functioning properly. Engineered to provide extended battery life and powered by a single C battery, the LIBERTY™ can be used 8 hours a day for 2 to 3 months before battery replacement, giving you the freedom to go three times longer before replacing the battery. With its single AA battery, the Mini LIBERTY™ can be used 8 hours a day for 3 to 4 weeks before battery replacement. A red warning light will flash continually for 24-48 hours when it's time to replace the battery in either model. This safety feature makes traveling much more secure, even when taking extended trips abroad. For versatility, a convenient toggle switch allows you to select the continuous flow mode. Located at the bottom of the unit, the switch is designed to avoid accidental mode changing. LIBERTY™ & Mini LIBERTY™ Lightweight and truly portable Totally automatic and reliable oxygen delivery and conservation User-friendly, hassle-free operation Built-in oxygen regulator with all-brass construction Best value on today's market SPECIFICATIONS LIBERTY™ & Mini LIBERTY™ Conservation Ratio: 5:1 Weight with Battery: LIBERTY™ 17.3 oz. Mini LIBERTY™ 14.7 oz. Dimensions (H x L x W): LIBERTY™ l.9'' x 5.5'' x 3.3'' Mini LIBERTY™ 1.9' x 4.4 '' x 3.3'' Power Supply: LIBERTY™ C cell alkaline battery Mini LIBERTY™ AA cell alkaline battery Operating Temperature: 0C to 50C Relative Humidity: 15% to 95% Operating Voltage: 1.l to 1.8 volts Operating Pressure: 22 psi +1-10% Inlet Pressure: 500 to 2.200 psi Power Consumption: 3 mA at idle time and a maximum of 450 mA during the delivery of oxygen pulse Activation Pressure: Less than 1cm H20 Adjustable Continuous Flow: Factory pre-set to 2-3 lpm, adjustable to 2-6 1pm

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  31-10-2012  C Cylinder W/valve  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $121.48  Buy Now!
  33-80-0002  Back Pack for B  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $55.30  Buy Now!