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Eye Protection

Googles and Eye Shields are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. Goggles eye shields and full face shields protect healthcare workers' eyes and face from splattering blood-borne pathogens. The CDC recommends the use of eye protection to provide a barrier to prevent infectious material from entering the eye. These economical, disposable lenes have side-shields protection and are made of distoration-free, optical-grade plastic. the frames are reusable and can be placed in an autoclave. Goggles are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and both eye and face shields fit easily over glasses. Frames are available in assorted colors to personalize your eyeware. * OSHA COMPLIANT * SIDE-SHIELD PROTECTION * DISTORTION-FREE, OPTICAL-GRADE PLASTIC LENSES * FITS EASILY OVER GLASSES & LOUPES * SECURE FIT, WON'T SLIP OFF * AUTOCLAVABLE FRAMES Goggles frames are available in assorted colors, * Vivid Purple * Teal Blue * Vivid Blue * Saturn Yellow * Aurora Pink * White * Black * or as an assortment Lens are available in assorted colors * Clear Lens * Tinted Lens * Amber Tinted Lens Full face shield GOOGLES EYE SHIELDS ---- GOOGLES FULL FACE SHIELDS

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  GDLR100-1  Googles Eyewear Clear Lenses, Refill Pack of 100    CA  24 PK of 100 EA  $2,020.64  Buy Now!
  GDLR25-1  Googles Eyewqre Clear Lenses, Refill Pack of 25    CA  96 PK of 25 EA  $2,070.78  Buy Now!
  GFA10  Google frames, assorted colors    CA  8 PK of 10 EA  $109.83  Buy Now!
  GOP10-1  Googles Eyewear Pack, 10 Frames, 20 Clear Leneses, 1 Neck Strap in Assorted Colors    CA  48 PK of 1 EA  $1,556.02  Buy Now!
  GTDLR25  Goggle eyewaretinted lenses    CA  96 PK of 25 EA  $2,662.30  Buy Now!
  YOP5  Yikes neck strap, assorted colors    CA  5 PK of 5 EA  $81.09  Buy Now!