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Compliance High Level Disinfectant Sterilant Metrex, Inc.

Compliance High Level Disinfectant Sterilant

Tired of choosing cides?

Introducing Compliance, our hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid formula that offers a superior alternative to those other cides. Its cost-effective, ready-to-use formula saves you time and money and is fully compliant at room temperature. Now you no longer have to compromise in choosing one option over another. With Compliance, you have the solution.

Compliance features

Non-glutaraldehyde chemistry
No test strip required
No activation, ready-to-use
No need to discard unused solution
Full 14-day reuse
Low per-use cost
Multiple glove options
Robust solution with large margin of safety
HLD-just 15 minutes at room temperature (20*C)
Sterilization in 3 hours at room temperature (20*C)

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