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Metrizyme Dual Enzymatic Detergent Metrex, Inc.

Metrizyme Dual Enzymatic Detergent

Safe for instruments More proteolytic enzyme activity than the competition Less corrosive than distilled water Safe for users Fastest, most effective enzyme on the market MetriZyme is a neutral pH, non-corrosive dual enzymatic detergent designed to lift proteinaceous matter and bodily fluids from the surfaces of instruments. The protein-dissolving enzymes in MetriZyme allow a fast, simple removal of body fluids that often cannot be accomplished manually with soaps and other detergents. MetriZyme can be used in manual and automated reprocessing systems and in washer sterilizers/decontaminators. MetriZyme is safe for use on medical, dental and surgical equipment prior to disinfection or sterilization and has a pleasant mint fragrance

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