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Canister Express Metrex, Inc.

Canister Express

Canister Express - For Those Hospitals That Just Want to Solidify Keep it Clean...Keep it Safe...Keep it Simple... OSHA recommends that all possible precautions are to be taken to protect healthcare workers from direct exposure to infectious liquids. Containing biohazardous fluids is critical in order to help prevent the possibility of cross contamination. Suction treatment and wound drainage procedures result in vast accumulations of blood and other body fluids. OBF Industries, Inc. is committed to developing products that will safely encapsulate these infectious fluids, helping to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination from spilling or splashing. Canister Express combines two of the most powerful and effective encapsulating acrylic polymers available. Canister Express has been formulated for effectiveness in combinations containing blood, .9% saline, dextrose and lactated ringers to assure 100% solidification. Because there are no disinfectants in Canister Express it is completely safe, very economical to use and burns cleanly during incineration, leaving less than 1% ash. Point of Generation Safe: Non-Toxic Ideal for use by medical institutions who treat their liquid biomedical waste through incineration or microwave Convenient, Easy to Use Helps comply with OSHA Encapsulates and solidifies liquid medical waste Eliminates spilling, splashing and aerosoling. Not meant for disinfection or sanitization Protects healthcare workers - Promotes workplace safety Available in unidose sizes to meet your suction canister needs. including multi-dose bottle and shaker bottle for hard surface spills

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  50-5058  CNSTR XPRSS 16000cc    CA  20 EA of 1 EA  $461.55  Buy Now!
  PG50-5053  CNSTR xprss 1500cc    CA  64 EA of 1 EA  $255.63  Buy Now!
  PG50-5054  CNSTR XPRSS 1200cc    CA  64 EA of 1 EA  $217.39  Buy Now!
  PG50-5055  CNSTR XPRSS 2000cc    CA  64 EA of 1 EA  $284.61  Buy Now!
  PG50-5056  CNSTR XPRSS 3000cc    CA  64 EA of 1 EA  $334.75  Buy Now!
  PG50-5057  CNSTR XPRSS .500cc    CA  64 EA of 1 EA  $161.19  Buy Now!