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Empower Dual Enzymatic Detergent Metrex, Inc.

Empower Dual Enzymatic Detergent

EmPower is fast Economical concentrated product Safe for instruments Less corrosive than distilled water Easy to use EmPower is a dual enzymatic detergent that effectively cleans away blood, tissue, mucous and other protein-rich body fluids. EmPower contains two different proteolytic enzymes that work in a broad range of temperature and pH conditions. In addition, we added specially selected surfactants that efficiently clean away lipids, starches and inorganic debris and prevent debris from re-depositing on the instrument. EmPower is effective in both manual and automated reprocessing systems and washer sterilizers/decontaminators.

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  10-4100  mPWR, DL NZMTC DTRGNT, 4 GAL  GLLN  CA  4 GA of 1 EA  $151.45  Buy Now!
  10-4102M  mPWR, Dl nmtc Dtrgnt, 2 OZ.  2 z.  CA  48 EA of 2 OZ  $150.52  Buy Now!
  10-4115  mPWR, DL NZMTC DTRGNT, 15 GAL  15 GLLN  EA  15 GA of 1 EA  $517.42  Buy Now!
  10-4130  mPWR, DL NZMTC DTRGNT, 30 GALLON  30 GLLN  EA  30 GA of 1 EA  $912.64  Buy Now!
  10-4150  mPWR, DL NZMTC DTRGNT, 5 GALLON  5 GLLN  EA  5 GA of 1 EA  $185.36  Buy Now!
  10-4224  mPWR,Foam DL NZMTC, 12/24 OZ.  24 oz.  CA  12 EA of 24 OZ  $202.97  Buy Now!
  10-4400  EmPower Fragrance-Free  Glln  CA  4 E of 1 EA  $151.45  Buy Now!
  46-1600  Empower foam sprayers    CA  6 EA of 1 EA  $34.69  Buy Now!