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Metriclean 2 Low Foam Instr Clnr And Lub Metrex, Inc.

Metriclean 2 Low Foam Instr Clnr And Lub

Features: Low foaming Cleans blood and inorganic soils Removes stains Lubricates MetriClean 2 is a multi-purpose, concentrated instrument cleaner and lubricant for use in manual cleaning systems, washer sterilizers, washer decontaminators, ultrasonic cleaners and cart washers. MetriClean 2 not only keeps stainless steel instruments looking like new, it also enhances the functionality and life of instruments by lubricating, removing stains and reducing corrosion. MetriClean 2 eliminates the need to purchase multiple products. Works in a broad range of water conditions.

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  10-8100  Mtrcln 2  Glln (RFLL)  CA  2 EA of 1 GA  $122.84  Buy Now!
  10-8115  MtrCln 2  15 g  DR  1 DR of 15 GA  $410.48  Buy Now!
  10-8130  Mtrcln 2  30 glln  DR  1 DR of 30 GA  $742.13  Buy Now!
  10-8150  MtrCln 2  5 glln  DR  1 DR of 5 GA  $152.41  Buy Now!