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Body Fluid Clean Up & Personal Prote Kit Cowan Medical Technologies

Body Fluid Clean Up & Personal Prote Kit

Kit No. 29777 Includes: 1 Pair high-risk powder free medical gloves 2 Antimicrobial hand wipe 1 Red biohazard bag, 1 Waste bag 1 Splash resistant procedure mask w/splash visor 1 DuraGUARD Impervious open-back gown 1 Pair impervious shoe covers 1 AbsorbAide powder pouch (Solidifier) 1 Pair waste disposal scoops 1 Surface disinfectant wipe 1 Incident report form 1 Tamper evident waterproof medical sleeve w/detailed instructions

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  29777  BODY FLUID CLEAN UP & PERSONAL PROTECTION KIT - Impervious Gown, High-Risk Gloves, A.M.Hand Wipe, Bio Bag, Waste Bag, Surface Disinfectant Wipe, Body Fluid Solidifier w/ Chlorine, 2 Waste Disposal Scoops, Impervious Hi-Top Shoe Covers, Splash Resistant Procedure Mask w/ Wrap Around Visor  CA  10 EA of 1 EA  $145.54  Buy Now!