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Envirocide, Disinfectant / Decontam Clnr Metrex, Inc.

Envirocide, Disinfectant / Decontam Clnr

Envirocide is a new generation synergistic disinfectant, meeting the most recent EPA and OSHA standards for effectiveness. Envirocide kills TB, HIV-1 and all the other pathogens of concern, Envirocide is safe for use on any surface, including instruments, ecluipment, tables,counters, etc. and as a presoak and cleaner prior to sterilization. Envirocide is effective without toxic glutaraldehyde, corrosive phenols, or bleach that discolors clothing and surfaces. Reduce occupational exposure to glutaraldehyde and eliminate aerosols that cannot be refilled. Stop staining and ruining clothing and equipment. Kill germs that disinfectant towels cannot reach. Envirocide contains a biodegradable detergent system, eliminating the need for a separate precleaner. Use Envirocide for all disinfection requirements. It disinfects and cleans.

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