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Med Recliner Chair Novum Medical Products

Med Recliner Chair

NK MED-CLINER CHAIRS nk medical products provides the finest decliner in the Industry today. Zero wall clearance allows for full use without moving the chair from the wall, Comfort and durability are the cornerstones of nks newly designed 3 position recliner chairs. Med-Cliner chairs featured a unique pressure reduction and temperature smart foam in the seat in back. The Viscolux padding provides continuous comfort as it conforms to the patient whether sitting or in motion. Extra padding is installed in the arm covers and padding continues along the sides for superior comfort. We use the finest medical materials to ensure a bacteria and stain resistant product. The material has a PreFixx finish has supplied by medical material provider, Omnova. Eight standard colors complement a full selection of custom material designs. Chairs are FR-117 compliant and are able to meet Boston and California design requirements (optional) Quality construction is present with an engineered durable frame and recliner mechanism. It is made of heavy gauge reinforced steel for long-term use, and with powder coat enamel 15 for maximum corrosion resistance. A removable seat allows for serviceability of the entire American compartment and keys of cleaning 3 inch Tente little casters, to with brakes, permit the chair to be easily relocated (optional) Specifications for RC 300 Dimensions: Overall 46 inches Overall width 32 inches Depth upright (lounge) 41 inches Recline surface length 74 inches Seat width 22.5 inches Seat depth 21 inches Weight 220 pounds

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  RC02H  OXYGEN TANK HOLDER    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $200.93  Buy Now!
  RC250  RECLINER CHAIR, STATIONARY ( NO CASTERS)    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $2,883.96  Buy Now!
  RC300  RECLINER CHAIR, 3 POSITION, 3'' CASTER -45H X 33 X 32 1/2W-150 LBS    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $2,546.27  Buy Now!
  RC300-S  RECLINER CHAIR, 2 ES. SWING ARMS, 3 POSITION, 3'' CASTERS    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $3,553.50  Buy Now!
  RC301  MED.TRANSPORTER,5''CASTR,PUSH BAR & 1 SIDE TABLE 45''HX33''X321/2W    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $2,911.13  Buy Now!
  RC301-S  MED. TRANSPORTER, 2 SWING ARMS, PUSH BAR & SIDE TABLE    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $3,696.14  Buy Now!
  RC301-S-BAR  BARIATRIC MED. RECLINER, 2 EA. SWING ARMS, SIDE TABLE- 500 LBS    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $4,185.71  Buy Now!
  RCFR  FOOT REST(USE WITH 5 INCH CASTERS)    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $221.31  Buy Now!
  RCIV1  3/4 IV POLE & BRACKET    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $448.37  Buy Now!
  RCPB  Push Bar ( Use With 5 Inch Casters )    EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $92.93  Buy Now!