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PERMEABLE COVERALLS OFFERING WATERPROOF PROTECTION EnviroTEKTM coveralls are made with a three-layer SMS fabric that allows heat and sweat to escape and protects against particles, dust, and most liquids.

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  68-601W-M  Coverall, elastic wrist & ankle, w/ collar, zipper, spun poly, white, medium  MEDIUM  CA  25 EA of 1 EA  $83.17  Buy Now!
  68-601W-S  Coverall, elastic wrist, ankle, w/collar, zipper, spun poly,  SMALL  CA  25 EA of 1 EA  $83.17  Buy Now!
  68-601W-Z  Coveralls,elastic wrist & ankles, w/ collar,spun poly,white 3XL.  3XL  CA  25 EA of 1 EA  $87.67  Buy Now!