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H R Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lubricating Jelly

H R Lubricating Jelly is a sterile, water soluble and greaseless
lubricant used by doctors and nurses during many medical procedures.
Most lubricants hold one or two FDA registrations, HR Lubricating Jelly holds six making it the Universal Lubricant preferred by doctors and nurses. over the past 80 years, HR has built a reputation around quality, with zero FDA recalls and a market history to back it up, you know quality is in every tube.


* OBGYN Procedures
* Urological Procedures
* Catheterization
* Plastic Surgery
* Ultrasound Procedures
* General Examinations
* General Surgery
* Laser Hair Removal

  Catalog Number  Description  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  201  HR Lubricating Jelly 4oz. Flip Top Tube Sterile  CA  6 BX of 12 EA  $158.38  Buy Now!
  203  H R Sterile Lubricating Jelly 2 Oz..  CA  96 EA of 1 EA  $188.00  Buy Now!
  207  HR Lubricating Jelly 3gram One Shot pack Sterile  CA  6 BX of 144 EA  $90.88  Buy Now!
  216  H R Utrasound Jelly 8.5 oz  CA  6 BX of 12 EA  $219.13  Buy Now!
  218  Ultrasound Jelly, 5litter  CA  4 GA of 1 EA  $96.44  Buy Now!