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Sterile-z Cover Tidi Products Llc

Sterile-z Cover

STERILE-Z Back Table Cover is a barrier that helps maintain the sterile field during application and removal. Evidence shows back tables can be contaminated in as little as 30 minutes when exposed to air in the operating room.1 Recent evidence shows that after eight hours of protecting instruments with Sterile-Z, there is more bacteria on top of the drape than below.2

The Z-fold design allows Sterile-Z Back Table Cover to separate from the center of the table and be removed while helping reduce the risk of contaminating instruments on the table. It is designed to comply with AORN standards by helping to prevent breaches in the sterile field.

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  5574  Sterile-Z Patient Drape  60"x89"  CA  10 PK of 1 EA  $801.25  Buy Now!
  5575  Sterile-Z Back Table Cover  580" x 95"  CA  20 PK of 1 EA  $645.00  Buy Now!
  5575-XL  Sterile-Z Back Table Cover XL  88"x140"  CA  20 PK of 1 EA  $801.25  Buy Now!
  5582  Sterile-Z Mayo Stand Cover  30"x26"  CA  20 PK of 1 EA  $332.50  Buy Now!