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Dawn Mist - Denture Care Dukal Corporation

Dawn Mist - Denture Care

Denture Tablets
Antibacterial formula with baking soda
Helps to remove stains and control odors
Individually foil wrapped
Made in the USA
Compared to Efferdent

Denture Adhesive
Provides a comfortable fit
Long lasting, extra strong holding power
Tube with oversized easy-to-open cap
Zinc free
Made in the USA
Compared to Fixodent

  Catalog Number  Description  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  DA2  Denture Adhesive 2 oz  CA  4 BX of 36 EA  $403.32  Buy Now!
  DEN6283  Denture Tablets 40 Count  CA  24 BX of 40 EA  $64.97  Buy Now!
  DEN6290  Denture Tablets 90 Count  CA  24 BX of 90 EA  $107.12  Buy Now!