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Infant Imprinter Bands Precision Dynamics, Inc.

Infant Imprinter Bands

Sentry SuperBand: Features snap closure and exclusive ClearImage surface, providing clear, water-resistant information which remains legible throughout the patient's stay. Infant sizes. Safeguard: Made of latex-free trilaminate material with adhesive closure. Special imprinting or writing surface accommodates up to six lines of patient information. Infant sizes. Speedi-Print: Features a snap closure and special surface which accommodates up to five lines for imprinting or writing patient information. Made of soft vinyl. Four styles available: Infant Sizes. Information Area Sentry Superband 5040: 3 9/16'' L x 1'' H. Safeguard 855: 3 1/2'' L x 1 1/8'' H. Speedi-Print 540: 3 1/2'' L x 1'' H. Colors Sentry Superband: White-11, Blue-13, Yellow-14, Green-15, Red-16, Orange-17, Lavender-23. Safeguard: White-11, Blue-13, Yellow-14, Green-15, Red-16, Orange-17. Speedi-Print: White-11, Blue-13, Yellow-14, Red-16, Orange-17, Green-22.

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