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Medtronics Spinal And Biologic Medtronics Spinal And Biologic

Medtronic Spine and Biologics is a global leader in the processing of human bone and connective tissue for transplantation. Some of such bone and tissue products include but not limited to: Achilles Tendon(Frozen), Cancellous Chips (Freeze Dried), Cancellous/Cortical Dowel (Freeze Dried), Femoral Cross Section (Freeze Dried), Femur Shaft (Frozen), Fibula Whole (Frozen), Gracilis Tendon (Frozen), Grafton DBM Flex, Grafton DBM Paste, Humerus Distal (Frozen), Ilium Bicortal Strips (Freeze Dried), Magnifuse Bone Graft, Meniscus Medial (Frozen), Plexur Biocomosites, Posterior Tibialis Tendon (Frozen), Talus (Frozen), Ulna Shaft (Freeze Dried), Unicortical Block (Freeze Dried), Xpanse R Bone Insert Tissue Forms.