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Medtronics Spinal And Biologic

Cancellous/cortical Dowel - Freeze Dried

Osteotech, Inc. is a global leader in the processing of human bone and connective tissue for transplantation and an innovator in the development, manufacturing and marketing of biologic, biomaterial and device systems for musculoskeletal surgery. With a particular focus on spinal, trauma, and total joint revision procedures, the Company's current and development-stage technologies address needs within numerous musculoskeletal disciplines. * Frozen material is not returnable*
Osteotech Products are available for
Government Sales Only

  Catalog Number  Description  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  280012  Cornerstone unicortical Dowel ( 12mm (D)x 15-35mm (L) Sub For -- Concellous / Cortical Dowel 12mm (D)=12mm,(L)>=14mm  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $655.00  Buy Now!
  280014  Cornerstone unicortiucal Dowel (14mm (D) x 15-35 (L) ---Sub For --Cancellous/Cortical Dowel 14mm (D)=14mm,(L)>=14mm  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $655.00  Buy Now!
  280016  Cornerstone U nicortical Dowel ( 16mm (D) x 15-35mm (L) Sub For --Cancellous/Cortical Dowel 16mm (D)=16mm,(L)>=14mm  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $682.00  Buy Now!
  P00114  Cancellous/Cortical Dowel 14mm (D)=14mm,(L)>=14mm Pre-Treated  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $655.00  Buy Now!