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Micro-zymetm Detergent Micro Scientific Industries

Micro-zymetm Detergent

Dual Enzyme Instrument Detergent Concentrate Specially formulated for the cleaning of surgical / medical instruments and devices. Designed for the removal of proteinaceous matter from instruments and medical devices. May be used as pre-soak, manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning or used in washer / sterilizer equipment. Micro-Zyme quickly and effectively dissolves blood tissue mucous and other soils. SAFETY: Special conditioning agents make Micro-Zyme effective in hard or soft water and minimizes scale accumulation on instruments and utensils. This product is safe for use on fiber-optics, flexible endoscopes and other medical instrumentation. Micro-Zyme will not stain instruments and can safely be disposed of down the sink. As with all enzyme products, do not splash into eyes or directly on to skin. APPLICATIONS: Easy to use. Simply add one to two ounces of Micro-Zyme Concentrate for each gallon of warm to hot tap water. Amount of product depends on soil level. Soak and clean as required. Follow by rinsing.

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  MZD02-320  Micro-Zyme-D Dual Enzyme Insturment Detergent ( 2.5 Gal / 2 Ea. )    CA  2 EA of 1 EA  $207.34  Buy Now!
  MZD04-128  Micro-Zyme-D Dual Enzyme Insturment Detergent (One Gallon Pour Bottle / 4 Gal. Per Case    CA  4 EA of 1 EA  $161.09  Buy Now!