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Tono-system Micro Scientific Industries


Providing the professional eye care specialist with a means of reprocessing contact tonometer tips between eye examinations, following the most current recommendations. TONO-SYSTEM STARTER KIT (Order no. OSK-001): 1 Tono-Tray 1 quart bottle of Opti-Cide solution 1 box of Opti-Rinse Wipes 1 box of Opti-Kleen Wipes 1 sleeve gauze sponge wipes 1 Directions for Use sheet 1 Instructional Videotape Descriptions of Individual Kit Components: Tono-Tray consists of a base with a hinged lid to protect against airborne contamination (i.e. dust, etc.) and to contain evaporation of the disinfectant solution. A separate compartment provides for the storage of disposable cleaning, rinsing, and drying wipes. The tray contains a separate, removable compartmentalized inner tray for individual soaking of up to five tonometer tips. The five sequentally numbered "process" indicators with color coded markers indicate which tonometer tips are "ready for use" and which tips are in the "process of disinfection." (Order no. TT6-001G) Opti-Cide Soak is a liquid disinfectant, that when used according to product label directions, meets current criteria for antimicrobial efficacy and is formulated for use on contact tonometer tips and other similar devices. Packaged: 4-32 oz bottles/box (Order no. OC04-032); 4 boxes per case (Order no. OC16-032) Opti-Kleen Wipes are individually packaged wipes saturated with a solution to wipe clean the surfaces of tonometer tips prior to disinfection. Packaged: 100/box; 10 boxes/case. (Order no. OKW10-100B) Opti-Rinse Wipes are individually packaged wipes saturated with sterile purified USP grade water and used to rinse wipe the surfaces of tonometer tips after disinfection. Packaged: 100/box; 10 boxes/case. (Order no. ORW10-100W) Gauze Sponge Wipes made of clean, non-sterile, lint free 2" x 2" gauze are used to dry the surface of tonometer tips after wipe rinsing with Tono-Rinse Wipes. Packaged: 200/pkg; 25 pkgs per case. (Order no. GS25-200) Instructional Videotape: A brief video that describes the Tono-System, each of the kit components, and offers a step by step in-service presentation on its proper use. (Order no. TSV-001)

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