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Cannula Salter-style Adult - Latex Free Salter Labs, Inc.

Cannula Salter-style Adult - Latex Free

Salter-Style Adult
The Salter 1600Q (for "Quiet")
For oxygen flows up to 8 lpm.
The 1600Q's larger reservoir virtually eliminates noise, creating a quieter, more soothing atmosphere.

Features Benefits
Incorporates a larger reservoir
Virtually eliminates noise

Curved, tapered nasal prongs
Better anatomical fit for long term use

Three-channel, crush-resistant safety tubing
Uninterrupted flow of oxygen

Same unique anatomically-correct design as the Salter 1600
A more comfortable fit

Try the Salter 1600Q and HEAR the difference!
High flow oxygen patients now can enjoy quiet as well as smooth delivery

The Salter 1600Q Cannula
Clear, lightweight cannula with unique one piece anatomical design, eliminates the need for irritation-producing flap, resulting in maximum patient comfort. Over-the-ear style ensures secure positioning, allowing complete freedom of movement. Available with three-channel safety tubing or smooth bore tubing.

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  1650Q-7-50  Clear cannula with extra-large facepiece for high flow situations, with 7' supply tube Smooth Bore    CA  50 EA of 1 EA  $50.86  Buy Now!