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Nebutech Small Volume Nebulizer Salter Labs, Inc.

Nebutech Small Volume Nebulizer

Salter NebuTech Small Volume Nebulizer Reusable -Single Patient Use Innovative design helps to increase the concentration of medication delivered per patient breath with less waste than conventional nebulizers. Features Benefits Integral anti-drool feature incorporated Prevents medication contamination from patient saliva Patented ''cone'' design with larger surface area. Now coupled with a more efficient flow-through chamber. Provides maximum capillary action. Better evacuation of medication through the nebulizer. Nebulizes 3cc within 7 minutes or less at 7 LPM in horizontal or vertical position. Reduced treatment time with higher output. Allows patient to be in a comfortable position for treatment. Particle size distribution within the desired respirable range. 80% below 5 microns. Improved deposition within peripheral airways. Clinically effective therapy. Incorporates one-way valves at the inlet and outlet paths. Provides minimal loss of costly medication during the non-inhalation phase. Removable ''cone'' design color coded. Allows for easy, thorough jet cleaning and reassembly. Components are ''top shelf'' dishwasher safe or may be autoclaved or hand washed. Convenient, easy to use cleaning procedures. Variety of uses. . . Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, Homecare, Clinic NebuTech Small Volume Nebulizer* Reusable New, Innovative Design Provides Greater aerosol density Minimal waste of costly medication Less components to assemble Durable, long lasting

Flow Rate

Particle Size (microns)

Test Specifications were preformed at 50psi source pressure with 0.9%NaCl. Particle size distribution measured by QCM Cascade impactor.

  Catalog Number  Description  Size  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  8660-7-10  NebuTech™ HDN™ Nebulizer -Reusable Nebulizer (reusable) , mouthpiece (reusable), 7' supply tube (disposable)    CA  10 EA of 1 EA  $175.47  Buy Now!
  8660TG-7-10  NebuTech™ HDN™ Nebulizer -Reusable Nebulizer (reusable) , mouthpiece (reusable), 7' supply tube with female thread grip connector (disposable)    CA  10 EA of 1 EA  $176.41  Buy Now!
  8661-0-10  NebuTech™ HDN™ Nebulizer -Reusable Nebulizer & mouthpiece only, reusable    CA  10 EA of 1 EA  $173.91  Buy Now!
  8670-0-10  NebuTech™ HDN™ Nebulizer -ReusableMouthpiece with exhalation valve, reusable    CA  10 EA of 1 EA  $34.06  Buy Now!