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Aerosol Therapy Mask Over-the-ear Mask SUNMED

Aerosol Therapy Mask Over-the-ear Mask

Aerosol Therapy Mask Over-the-ear mask ensures a more secure fit and greater comfort...A Salter exclusive innovation Features Benefits Adjustable over-the-ear style available in adult configuration Fits comfortably over-the-ears for use with head, neck and spinal cases when movement is difficult or impossible Soft, clear aerosol mask with anatomical form Ideal for long-term users or edentulous patients Exceptionally comfortable for even hard-to-fit faces Maintains proper positioning Gently-rolled, feathered edges with nose bridge cut-out More comfortable fit even for the patient who must wear eyeglasses Salter Over-The-Ear Style Masks 8000 Over-the-ear design helps maintain proper positioning and enhances patient comfort. Anatomically-correct form aids long-term users and edentulous patients

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