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Mobile Aspirators - Gomco 3020,3021,4032,4033 Allied Medical LLC

Mobile Aspirators - Gomco 3020,3021,4032,4033

MOBILE ASPIRATORS - Gomco stand-mounted units offer dependable, easy to regulate suction for hospital use. Stands include 3'' non-marking casters, handy cord storage, chemical resistant stainless steel top, compact stand design, graduated 600 ml glass collection bottle or 1100 ml disposable canister, hydrophobic bacteria filter to help prevent fluid and aerosol contamination, hospital grade plug, and are UL listed and CSA certified. Suction systems are equipped with an easy-to-read gauge, calibrated in both inches Hg and mm Hg, and a suction regulating valve. These models also include illuminated on/off switches. MODEL 3020 - This diaphragm unit is designed for general suction use. Its powerful 1/8 horsepower motor creates up to 22'' Hg vacuum. Lightweight and maneuverable, this model is perfect for numerous bedside uses. MODEL 4032 - Designed for heavier suction, such as in recovery rooms or dental clinics, this model features a 1/10 horsepower motor that creates up to 25'' Hg vacuum.

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