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Suction Regulator,high Vacuum Allied Medical LLC

Suction Regulator,high Vacuum

High Vacuum Suction Regulator features new Soft-Touch knobs, can be sterilized internally with cold disinfectant, two year warranty, minimum maintenance, accurate precise control, impact-resistant internal components. The specifications of the High Vacuum Suction Regulator is as follows: Selector switches available at Regular, Full Line and Off. Operating Range is Maximum Available (Maximum vacuum levels are limited by the source vacuum available). Flow rate is 80 LPM for Regular, Full line is Maximum Available (Maximum depending on equipment configuration, supply vacuum and air flow) Weight is 1.3 lbs. Vacuum Gauge Range is 0-760 mm Hg (increments of 20 mm Hg), 0 to 100 kPa (5 kPa), 2'' Diameter Gauge Face.

  Catalog Number  Description  Packaging  Units Per Package  Price    
  22-14-0102  Suction Regulator,High Vacuum, w/serrated hose stem,diss outlet  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $263.72  Buy Now!
  22-14-1106  Suction Regulator, High Vacuum, w/Ohmeda Diamond inlet,diss outlet  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $291.92  Buy Now!
  22-14-1108  Suction Regulator,High Vacuum, w/Chemetron quick connect inlet, diss outlet  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $279.19  Buy Now!
  22-14-1111  Suction Regulator,High Vacuum, w/ DISS hand tight inlet, diss outlet  EA  1 EA of 1 EA  $279.19  Buy Now!